Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Give a Big Whoot Woo to September!

I hate the heat!

The Lord must know it too because He didn't send me into a hot and sweaty jungle for my mission. I'd never have survived it. I spent my two years on the frozen tundra, where not even the sun wanted to show up three months of the year. It was cold, dark, and I loved it there. It was bearable because I've discovered its easier to get myself warmed up than get cooled down if I'm too warm.

That is why I always rejoice when September rolls around. I've had enough of the heat!

There's just something about the way the air feels as summer slips away. Its like my mind wakes up with the chill, and I become more alert as autumn takes hold. School is gearing up to start, my nieces and nephews talk about costumes and trick or treating, and before you know it I'm chowing down on a turkey leg at the State Fair like I'm King Henry the Eighth.

Even a simple walk up my street makes me feel like I'm living in a Robert Frost poem.

There is one thing I miss about summer, however, and I really hate having to come clean about it. September marks the end of board short and flip flop season. What is sexier than standing in line at the grocery store behind a guy with bare legs, tanned and covered with the perfect hint of manly fuzz? Ah! There's nothing better!  Yeah, I feel a little creepy for looking, but who of us is above taking some kind of a peek?

Sadly, all those naked legs are going to go into hibernation, but they always return in the spring.

I can always look forward to that.


Hope said...

Hey I totally agree with that comment about a guy in board shorts! It's incredibly sexy...but I do have a thing for legs and feet ;)