Friday, September 10, 2010

Time to Lighten Up!

So far my attitude on this blog has been kind of negative.

Reading back over the handfull of posts I've written so far, I'm struck with how dark they are. With nothing else to go on you might expect me to be some pissed off guy, struggling to break free of the black hole his life has become. Yes, that might be me on some days, but I don't think generally its a true reflection.

Honestly, I'm much more fun in person than the way I come off on this blog.

This has become a great place for me to just vent, something I'm not used to doing. I'm usually the one to take the role of diplomat among my family and friends. People are always looking  for a sympathetic ear to bend, yet seldom do I ever disclose any of what I have brewing under the surface. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying writing this blog. Regardless of if anyone ever reads this, it still feels good to let go of all my deep, hidden pockets of negativity. Sometimes you just gotta spew what's making you sick inside. It sure ain't pretty, but you're guaranteed to feel better after.

So, if I seem to be an angsty buzz-kill here, its mostly an illusion. I should post a disclosure at the top of the blog -- something like the one found on the outside side-view mirror of a car: "Caution: objects in this blog appear to be more miserable than they really are."

From here on out I promise to try not just constantly dump all my emotional crap. I want this to be a place of light and love as well.

On a personal note I emitted my rare gay clap and squeal when I saw I had gathered followers. The comments and emails have been enormously encouraging and supportive. Thank you all, and I hope to get to know everyone better soon!