Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Victories.

 I made it to Church yesterday.

Well... one hour of it anyway -- Sacrament Meeting.

Yeah, I know I should have just manned up and hit the whole three hour block, but I'm just glad I got myself out of the apartment. It would have been so easy to stay, but I really don't want to dive totally back into the welcoming arms of inactivity again.

Besides, the weeks I don't go to Church I feel as though I'm missing something. The singing of the hymns, and the still moments of the sacrament ordinance centers me somehow. I sat in the back, and didn't partake myself, but I felt benefited nonetheless.

I had no panic attacks, no cold sweats, and the only time I felt like rushing to the exit was when the Elder's Quorum President cornered me with the standard third degree about where I've been. He's well meaning, but were I to give him the real scoop on that subject I know I'd shock that shit eating grin right off his face. (Maybe, while I'm at it, I could also confess the fact that I think he's cuter than a tree full of Keebler Elves, and see what he makes of that!)

In retrospect it was nice to at least be asked about why I haven't been going. That tells me at lease someone in the ward knows who I am, and therefore, in some small, way I belong.

I'm making no promises, but I'll start gearing up to make it through 2 hours of Church next week.

And on a completely different subject -- 

Is it just me or was the MTV VMA's a whole lot more fun to watch when Kanye West was drunk on Hennessy? I'm just saying...

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Quiet Song said...

I am glad you went. I wish I had more time on a given Sunday, to "corner" folks I don't see very often.

Mormon Guy said...

Hmmm... If I didn't go to Church on Sunday, I would probably get phone calls from the bishop, both of his counselors, and a dozen other people. And then even more people would corner me at the first chance they got. And others would send me notes wondering how I was. Wait. All of that happens anyway. Even though no one has a clue about the struggles I face, I love being LDS.